Capitol Compound, Brgy. Bangbangalon, Boac, Marinduque

MARINDUQUE PROVINCIAL VETERINARY OFFICE - Capitol Compound, Brgy. Bangbangalon, Boac, Marinduque

#Let’s KEEP Marinduque ASF FREE!.

Volunteerism at its best!

Dr. JM Victoria, the Provincial Veterinarian of Marinduque led the Orientation and actual demonstration of basic quarantine procedures to the new volunteers from the towns of Boac, Gasan, and Buenavista with their respective Municipal Agricultural Officers and MDRRMO’s at Balanacan Port

Laban sa ASF laban ng lahat!!!


An overwhelming response of Marinduqueños who voluntarily responded to the call to protect the province against harmful ASF in the leadership of Mayor Leo Livelo of Mogpog town. Started the orientation and hands on demonstration in basic quarantine procedures led by the Provincial Veterinarian. In the orientation, Mogpog MDRM officer Rizalie Lim and companions, MAO Claire San Juan… The KABALIKAT Civicom 475 Marinduque Chapter operatives led by former president and current secretary of the Association KB475- 50 Imelda Landa Lantita… PPA and Provet employees. #NoToASF #KayangKayaPagSamaSama

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Intensified Quarantine Services in different major port of entries in Marinduque

In September 9, 2019, African Swine Fever occurs in the country. To protect the island province and its pig industry, the Provincial Governor issued an Executive Order No. 16-2019 “An Order to impose a ban on the importation of live pigs, pork-related products to avoid the spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF) Virus” and Supplemental Notices.

The provincial government established quarantine Checkpoint in major port of entries (Balanacan & Buyapod Port and Gasan Wharf).  The Provincial Animal Quarantine inspectors intensified quarantine inspection of pork, processed pork products. A total of around 800 kgs of processed pork products, approximately 300 kgs of pig entrails were confiscated this holiday season.

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A GIANT MOONFISH (Opah) A fish with a warm heart….


It was on or about 5:30 in the afternoon of June 18, 2017 when the operatives of the Boac PNP informed the team leader of the Marinduque Animal & Wildlife Rescue Emergency Response Team to identify and conduct necropsy on a giant moonfish or Opah which was found dead in the shoreline of Brgy. Balaring, Boac, Marinduque. ACTION TAKEN : We took some vital information measured the giant fish and conducted necropsy procedures. The most significant findings were the plastic garbage eaten by this creature which was suspectedly mistaken as of that of a squid or a jelly fish, a main diet of an Opah. No other significant manifestation was observed in other organs. Measurements taken: Body Length….4.8 feet Body Width…..3.4 feet Weight …. Approximately 65 kgs. The moonfish (Opah) is a round and flat fish with a highly keeled and compressed body. Its body is covered with minute cycloid scales. This fish has a pointed snout with a small and toothless mouth. The moonfish dwells in depth of 164-1,312 feet with water temperature ranging from 46-72 degrees Fahrenheit. Juveniles are known to feed on pelagic invertebrates including crabs, larvae, as well as isopods and copepods.


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